FINRA has investor education materials such as BrokerCheck, which provides insight into firms and financial advisors.


A Client Focused Difference: Financial and Wealth Management Planning

At Masterpiece Financial Services, we believe in a comprehensive approach to building and preserving wealth. While some advisors focus only on investments, we take a broader perspective. We help clients combine a prudent investment strategy with a well-coordinated, overall financial and wealth management plan.

This is the difference between being investment-focused and client -focused.

In our view, successfully navigating today's complexities requires an advisor with a broader set of skills and knowledge. You need an advisor who can not only allocate your assets effectively and manage your portfolio, but also help you manage your liabilities, plan for the distribution of your estate, minimize your taxes, and plan for your retirement.

In short, you need a trusted confidant who can help you make smart, overall financial decisions and who has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the often complex and confusing areas of personal finance.